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About Gamut USA


In 10 years have passed since we launched our brand in a California garage.
10 years of designing, building, and searching for ways to improve the ride.
Though we’ve traveled far, we feel our story is just beginning. As we enter our 11th year, we will apply our guiding principles of form, function, and simplicity to a new line of Gamut components. Inspired by world champions and enthusiasts alike, the new line begins the next chapter for our boutique brand.
As with many in our sport, we find purpose and meaning when we ride our bikes and feel privileged to have a voice at all levels of mtb no matter how small. We live for the simple joy of riding our bikes and connecting with the endless terrain our planet offers. For those who ride Gamut, we promise to push harder, fly higher and go further than ever before.
Come ride with us.