Our company was founded in 1996, we are the Italian exclusive distributor of several amazing hi-end cycling Brands, we work as exclusive agent for some others and we offer consultancy and market development strategies to Companies in the bike industries in order to allow them to be succesful in the Italian market.

We cover pretty much everything from downhill to road racing, but we are mainly focused on the MTB and Gravity side of the market.

You can have a look at our brochures and catalogues by clicking here.

Where we are coming from

In 1950s Milo Sacchetti founded A.C.I., a stainless steel spokes manufacturing company. Decades later his daughter Donata Sacchetti, currently our managing Director, took charge of the international distribution, with a subsidiary company named R.I.E. (Raggi Inox Export).

A.C.I. was sold in 1996 and RIE Cycle Company was born in the same year, as spokes supplier to wheels manufacturers. In few years RIE become one of the main  frames, components, CKD and SKD bikes’ supplyer for the italian OEM, with partners in China and Taiwan.

Where we are going


In 2010 we challenged ourselves and started builing up our aftermarket range. We wanted to give shops the same outstanding service we had offered to OEM for many years, and to put together a bunch of brands offering standing out products, something we would use in first person during our rides.
We have been focusing more and more on the aftermarket during the years, distributing succesfully several awesome brands troughout a consolidate network of about 250 Dealers. You can check the updated list of our brands, including Renthal, ODI, Wolf Tooth Components and many others by clicking the tab “Marchi e prodotti” in the main menu.


We are the Italian exclusive agent of Orange Bikes, Sunn Bikes and Shot Race Gear. We are equipped to offer comprehensive agency services to brands within the bicycle and e-bike industry. This means that we can act as your brand’s representative and liaison in the Italian market, filling the gap between your brand and potential Italian customers, retailers, ehops. Our agency services revolve around three main pillars: marketing, sales, and public relations.


We offer our services to both Italian and Foreign Brands. We help Italian Brands to expand abroad, thanks to our connections and knowledge of the international markets, suggesting the correct strategies and finding the best partners worldwide.

Our speciality, however, is to empower brands to reach their full potential in the Italian bicycle and e-bike market. We’ve created a special program called B.I.K.E. (Brand Introduction and Knowledge Expansion), that unfolds across ten services. Whether your brand is in its early stages, trying to penetrate the Italian market, or already present but not meeting sales expectations, our B.I.K.E. program provides a well-structured, risk-minimized route. We integrate branding, social media marketing, localization, logistics management, and more to carve out your brand’s success path in the Italian bicycle and e-bike industry. Our approach is always tailored, comprehensive, and targeted at your brand’s unique needs and potential. Drop us a line to get a .pdf presentation of the B.I.K.E. Program.

Our location

Our offices are based in Milan, in the north of Italy, and our warehouse lies in a 2000 square-meters building just outside the city borders, with bonded warehouse and internal customs’ clearing facilities: fast, cost effective and flexible.

According to our mood, in less than one hour drive from our office we can access any kind of trail, including downhill tracks like the ones in Monte Tamaro, Swiss. In those rare occasions when we prefer asphalt to mud, we pedal on the beautiful paved roads around the lakes and hills of Lombardia region.
This is how we get to choose and to know every single product in our catalogue: simply using it.

Do you have a Brand?

If you are looking for a distributor in Italy or if you are considering entering directly the Italian market, and you feel your products offer something different, standing out from the mass, but also giving riders real benefits and technical advantages,  let’s talk !

We are bicycle enthusiasts, we love what we do.