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MRP components are born on the trails of Colorado – designed, tested, and handcrafted by riders, who like you, are driven by our passion. You can count on MRP to take you where you are driven to go.

Our product designs start with the performance result we want to achieve – not a cost or time target. We believe in blazing new trails, not following the crowds. Our components are designed in-house, proto-typed in house, and tested on our local Colorado trails. As riders, we want great components that last, and believe that you deserve the same.

We control our production to ensure the highest quality products. This drives us to make as much in our facility in Colorado as possible. We use the best materials and processes in order to make the best products. Our components are hand built and assembled in Colorado in small batches. This allows us to do things that an assembly line in Asia won’t do – like 100% dyno test our suspension. This takes extra time, but ensures that every fork or rear shock performs the exact way it was designed when it leaves our shop. All of this provides a level of attention and care we believe you deserve when buying a high-end component.