Cerchi: Available for Tubeless Ready and Tubular

Graphene multilayer carbon fiber.

Super lightweight disc brake design.

Carbon UD and 3K spoke holes.

Air+Plus High Speed Technology.

Under clear coat transfer graphics.

ERD: 569mm

Profilo: Profilo: 38mm

Larghezza esterna: 28mm

Larghezza interna: 21mm

Mozzi: Nitro Ceramic Road Disc Center Lock
Raggi: SAPIM Aero CX‐RAY 24 Straight pull.

Hand Built with alloy nipples and secure lock.

Quick release/axles: 12×100 / 12×142
Colors: Black/Black


Weight: Set Clincher: 1.350gr

Set Tubular: 1.200gr

Note: Limite di peso del rider: 110 kgs

Larghezza copertoni consigliata: 23mm to 32mm

Options: Campagnolo cassette body 10/11S compatible

Sram XDR cassette body 10/11S compatible

Inclusi: Raggi di ricambio.

2 Warrany years + 1 year 50% Crash replacement rim.(Disc brake rotors are not included).

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AIR Wind tunnel test 12,1 Watt air resistance by 45Km/h

GRAPHENE is the world’s strongest and lightest material which offers a totally revolutionary rim technology.

The most versatile carbon wheel set for climbing and grand rides very efficiently aero performance on the flats upward with superior stiffness and CNC disc brake hubs.

New NITRO Ceramic Center Lock hubs with PAL-TECH technology.

The new 21mm inner wide rims provide a better riding performance such as cornering, climbing, and traction.


AIR+PLUS High speed technology

Why is aerodynamic so important to your wheels?
When you race 40km/h your wheels are spinning double 80km/h, hard cross winds are capable to throw you from the road.
With our wheels lateral wind is no longer a problem anymore thanks to the extra wide and latest U-shaped design.
This design allows the use of wider tires without negatively influence on the wind flow, more tire volume, lower rolling resistance and better handling in crosswinds condition. 23 to 28mm tires are seating totally integrated into the rim shape and do not offer extra friction.
This shape has high aerodynamic efficiency in accordance to latest scientific findings from wind tunnel testing’s.
Comparing to regular V-Shape rims we reduced drag and crosswind drag coefficient by more than 30%.


High precision aligned bearing seats with parallel drilling technology made by high-tech CNC 5-axis machine.
100% parallel to the axis of the spindle.
Less friction more speed and longer bearing life.

PSG (Perfect Spoke geometry)

Every Progress Wheel is designed for his specific operation purpose. Our choice of rim, hubs, spokes and lacing pattern isn’t just a coincidence.
We strengthen rims at every spoke hole on each rim we develop. The spoke hole and nipple seat is perfectly aligned with hub and spoke angle.
This creates a perfect spoke geometry which allows us to use high spoke tension by an evenly and equal tension distribution. Releasing excessive stress from spokes we get long-lasting and high performance on every wheel.

Tire Width Recommendation

For maximum aerodynamic efficiency on your wheels we recommend that the width of the tire does not exceed the outer width of the rim. Our AIR + PLUS rims are very wide with 27 to 30mm, opening the tire enough so that the tire and rim walls form a seamless line.

Clincher or tubular tires from 23mm up to 28mm are perfectly integrated into our AIR + PLUS rims.

As a reference we have tested the air resistance of the APRIME in the wind tunnel with
a speed of 45km/h with different tires.

23mm tire = air resistance by 45Km/h = 10,7 WATT
25mm tire = air resistance by 45Km/h = 12,1 WATT
28mm tire = air resistance by 45Km/h = 13,6 WATT
(we measured 16,8 Watt using regular aero wheels with 24mm rims and 25mm tires)

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