Mozzo X Identiti MTC Micro Spline


  • Posteriore Boost 148 x 12mm, 333gr
  • Anteriore Boost 110 x 15m, 151gr
  • Corpo: alluminio 606o
  • 32 fori
  • Attacco disco: Center Lock


  • Corpetto ruota libera Micro Spline in alluminio 7075
  • 120 punti di ingaggio
  • Asse: Cr-Mo
  • Dimensioni:
    Spoke Hole Circle Diameter (PCD) 58mm
    Centre to Flange C-L 33mm, C-R 21mm
    Cuscinetti: 2 x 6902 / 3 x 6802 (corpetto)


  • Asse: AL7075
  • Dimensioni:
    Spoke Hole Circle Diameter (PCD) 58mm
    Centre to Flange C-L 25mm, C-R 31mm
    Cuscinetti 2 x 15267
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We are proud to be one of the first brands to be able to offer a solution to Micro Spline.

We have been collaborating with sister company Identiti to offer hubs which utilise the new freehub standard. This limited edition co-branded hub is the matching front to our rear ‘Halo X Identiti MTC Supadrive Boost Hub’ Micro-Spline offering.

Our MTC series hubs are our center lock mountain bike hub range. The MTC series encompass everything we feel hubs for mountain biking should offer.

Durability, modularity and light weights make the MTC Series a simple choice.


Suited best to XC, trail and enduro bikes alike, the MTC Supadrive hub offers a 120 point near instant engagement with the ability to withstand substantial torque loads, such as those found with wide range cassettes. With multiple World Championship titles across a range of disciplines the Supadrive system is tried and tested to the very highest level and is our most advanced and reliable drive system to date.

Wide spoke flanges, sealed cartridge bearings and a Cr-Mo tube axle in the MTC Supadrive Boost hub ensure longevity.

Designed to be run with 12 speed Shimano mountain bike gearing, the MTC Supadrive Boost hub features a Micro Spline freehub.


The MTC Boost Front hub is our go to center lock front mountain bike hub. From XC to DH the MTC Boost Front hubs have it covered.

The MTC boost Front hubs’ super wide flange spacing and sealed cartridge bearings ensure durability.

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