Test e recensioni STFU

Ecco una serie di test delle più autorevoli testate giornalistiche e testimonianze di Atleti professionisti e meccanici di Coppa del Mondo relative ai prodotti STFU, che da poco si sono aggiunti al nostro catalogo.

NSMB.com long term test

“I’ve been running the Trail model of the STFU Chain Damper since the first production run. Following the directions provided, it mounts easily and does what it’s tasked with no quibbles. If I take it off, I’m quickly reminded of how the STFU cuts down noise. But most interesting was that it wasn’t just the sounds from the chain connecting with the supplied chainstay protection.

The STFU’s restriction on the chain made the bike feel better, cutting down on feedback through the drivetrain when rumbling down a rough trail. With the chain not able to sling around as much, everything feels tighter, similar to running a fresh chain verse a flogged one.

The STFU chain damper does what it says on the box… riders keen to silence their drivetrain will appreciate it.”

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Recensione di MTB-MAG.com

If you’re even remotely mechanically competent, the ~five minute installation is a breeze. The guide blocks are designed in a way that they will accommodate a wide range of suspension designs rather easily. STFU have done a painstakingly thorough job of working an element of universality into the design.

On trail, I noticed an immediate and substantial improvement in how quiet my Rail became; it was slap in the face obvious. On the Sentinel, there was a noticeable difference as well, although it wasn’t quite as dramatic. Roughly speaking, even with motor noises aside, the volume on both bikes was turned down to a much more acceptable level which is always nice as it is less distracting and allows you to focus on the trail ahead.

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stfu bike chain damper silencer review by MBUK magazine

Recensione di GMBN TECH


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